OSRAM lighting expertise

The three dimensions of automotive performance lamps

Brighter light with Xenarc Night Breaker Unlimited

Discover the complete power of automotive performance lamps in their three dimensions. Whether it's luminous intensity, light beam or light color, the new OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER automotive lamps set new standards for vehicle lighting.

High levels of brightness and improved visibility with automotive performance lamps

Optimal light is an important safety factor. High-power automotive lamps ensure high levels of brightness and improved visibility on roads to guarantee fatigue-free, comfortable and safe driving.

In this way many accidents can be avoided - because poor visibility is one of the most common causes of accidents.

Regular light checks in workshops identify whether vehicle light is functional or needs to be improved. Properties such as luminous intensity as well as the light beam and light color are decisive. The three dimensions of OSRAM performance lamps.

Download: Vehicle light range – Catalog 2018/19 (PDF)
Luminous intensity with Night Breaker Laser

First dimension: luminous intensity

Luminous intensity: for more brightness on the road

The luminance emitted from a light source is termed luminous intensity. This characteristic is especially distinctive with automotive performance lamps from OSRAM.

OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER lamps achieve up to 150% more brightness compared to the minimum legal standard. Their strength comes mainly to the fore in the important range of 75 to 100 meters, where light is especially bright and powerful. Luminous intensity thus achieves greater response times: Dangers and obstacles can be detected earlier and seen more clearly.

Sharp light cone with Night Breaker Laser

Second dimension: light beam

Light beam: for visibly better illumination of the road surface

The light beam is the cone-shaped light emitted from a headlight lamp. Performance automotive lamps set significant standards here:

OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER lamps have an up to 150 meter long beam. In this way the road surface benefits from significantly superior illumination. OSRAM lamps ensure better visibility mainly in the critical zone on the edge of the road surface - a further safety factor. This in turn ensures comfortable and relaxed traveling.

Comfortable light color with Night Breaker Laser

Third dimension: light color

Light color: for fatigue-free and comfortable driving

The light emitted from a light source has a specific wavelength and thus also a specific color. The impression of color is created due to the direct ingress of light into the eye.

OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER LASER lamps emit up to 20% whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard. This means objects appear in a natural and color-true light, important for example with warnings and indication signs. A pleasant light effect and stronger contrasts also help with fatigue-free and comfortable driving.