Set modern light accents with LED lighting

Create your individual car lighting - according to your needs

More style with LED

LED lighting in cars is refreshing, attractive and pleasant, and has an appealing contemporary touch. Light individually matched to you as a car driver. Whether young or old, male or female – thanks to LED, everyone can design a personal lighting atmosphere in their own car. 

Isn't this inspiring for you as well? Highlight details. Dark leather seats appear in a new light.

The dashboard becomes a high-tech element. With LED you can even illuminate the foot room as bright and colorful as you want.

LED replacement lamps*

Automotive lighting defined in the new way

Forward lighting

a) LED high and low beam lamps

b) LED fog lamp

c) Comparison between Halogen and LED

Signal lighting

Optimal LED light for your car

LED optimal light for your car. Brighter and more modern than most factory-installed lamps. With LED retrofits you achieve a completely new light effect. You have the choice between lamps with color temperature from 4,000 to 6,000 Kelvin – from intensive warm white up to bluish Xenon white for a modern design. The LED retrofit lamps can be replaced, for example, as a reading light or as lighting of the glove compartment, the trunk or the cockpit instruments.

The first choice for all car drivers keen on design and tuning!

*These products do not have ECE approval. This means they must not be used on public roads in any exterior application. Use on public roads leads to cancellation of operating license and loss of insurance coverage. Several countries do not allow sale and use of these products. Please contact your local distributor for information on the availability in your country.

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