DURIS® Filament Portfolio – DURIS® L , DURIS® T

DURIS® Filament Portfolio – DURIS® L , DURIS® T

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors´ filament LED series is the perfect choice for all indoor retrofits with a beam angle of 360°. Our innovative linear LED evolution now enables luminaire manufacturers and lighting designers to combine the advantages of modern LED technology and the aestetics of traditional light bulbs.

DURIS® L Filament
DURIS® Filament Portfolio

Classic luminaire design with all LED advantages

  • Realization of traditional solutions with innovative LED technology
  • Well proven OSRAM Opto Semiconductors component quality and reliability
  • Established pre-delivery controls and measurements to ensure consistent product performance
  • Beam angle of 360°
  • Homogenous light quality due to tight binning
  • Simple integration of LED in classic lamp production


  • Package size of 38 mm x 1.8 mm and 38mm x 2.2 mm (I x Ø)
  • Available with various lumen packages of 80, 100, 120, 140, 180, 250 lm.
  • Warm white light with color temperature between 2,200K and 4,000K
  • Good heat dissipation due to blue chips and yellow ceramic converter
  • Good color rendering with CRI min. 80 and 82.
  • 3-step MacAdams binned at 85⁰C


  • Package size adjustable acc. to customers' requirements
  • Available in various lumen packages according to customers' requirements
  • Customizable filament design
  • Good color rendering up to CRI min. 91 according tu customers' requirements
  • Good heat dissipation with metal based substrate
  • All types of classic omnidirectional "light bulb" luminaires, e.g. chanedliers and open light fixtures
  • For a wide variety of hospitality and home applications, e.g. hotel rooms, foyers, restaurants, boutiques and workspaces.
  • Suitable for various lamp types such as A-lamp, B-lamp, Candle-lamp, G-lamp, ST-lamp, T-lamp and so on